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About Us

The Stone Quarry Crew began as a constituted resident run community group in May 2016. Our aim is to create opportunities for the residents of the Stone Quarry Estate to come together for social activities.

The Stone Quarry estate in East Grinstead lost most of it social gathering places of the past and as a result social isolation and antisocial behaviour increased. By bringing back opportunities for social interaction the Crew are striving to break down the social isolation barriers and address the antisocial behaviour through building stronger bonds and rebuilding a more cohesive community.

What we do

The Stone Quarry Crew has one main aim, to bring the community together through a variety of events throughout the year to give opportunities for the residents to socialise with friends and neigbours, make new friends and and start to rebuild a cohesive community. Most of the events we run are based around getting together with food and something to drink. This is based on the principle that a family that sits and eats together becomes a cohesive family that communicates well, by bringing the community family together in the same way will have the same results. Our events are for all ages, young, not so young and just young at heart!. We find activities that engage the younger people but still give them the freedom to connect and socialise with the rest of the community, plus if the adults wish to join in with the younger peoples activities they are more than welcome. The ethos of everything we provide is key to ensuring total inclusiveness and affordable for all is very high on the list of priorities, however the lowest possible cost to our residents doesn't mean low quality. We strive to provide the best quality that we can, to keep our residents coming back again and again. You wouldn't return to a restaurant if the quality was poor and if money is tight, there is nothing more insulting than receiving poor quality inreturn for the low price.

Our Community Café

Within 18 Months of starting the Stone Quarry Crew we were delighted to be able to open our Community Café. After our first event in the summer of 2016 it became very apparent that we would need to find a way to bring the community together on a much more regular basis than a couple of events per year. Over time the community spirit had depleted due antisocial behaviour, although things had improved from the past the continuing levels of antisocial behaviour were continuing to impact on social isolation. We started to make plans for a way to create a regular place for residents to get together and with the developement of the new community room in the new build on the site of St Luke's church we saw what we hoped would be an opportunity to open a regular community café. With the support of Clarion Futures (Affinity Sutton as it was then), we obtained the funding to plan the opening of the one day a week Quarry Café. Although the wait for the community room to be completed was longer than anticipated, with the help and support of St Luke's, we were able to open the Quarry Café for the first time on the 27th September 2017. The Quarry Cafe2 principle was based around a strong ethos of providing the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Right from the start the Cafe2 has provided our residents with really great coffee and simple snacks and cakes, since our opening day we have gone on to add to our range as products became available that fitted our ethos. We believe that this ethos has contributed significantly in beyond expected results in both our growing customer base and our regular visitor numbers. Without doubt, the best part of the café has been watching the friendships build and the lenght of time that our residents come and stay at the café. Although we set up the Café for the residents of our community as the word is spreading we are find interest in our café from the local area beyond Stone Quarry.

Get involved

We are always looking for more people to come and help us on the Crew, there are many different way that you could help. Click the headings to find out more

Crew Management Team

The Management team is an essential part of the work that we do and it's important that we have a strong supportive team to keep us going in the right direction. We welcome anyone that wishes to join us in this work and is prepared to share some of the load. We are particularly interested in anyone that has skills and willingness to take on the official roles of Treasurer or Secretary.

Quarry Café & Quarry Youth Café

The Quarry Café & Youth Café are open every Wednesday come rain or shine. Allowing for setting up and clearing up, it is operational for at least 10 hours every Wednesday. We need staff who can take shifts throughout the day to lighten the load. There are many different roles available including everything from kitchen staff, serving and front of house, till operators to baristas and potential shift managers. We provide in house training for all roles. If your interested why not pop in for a chat and arrange a taster session.

Event Helpers

Our two annual outside events always need people to help from arranging activities during the event to manning activities and help setting up and clearing up there is plenty to be done. If you would like to be involved speak to any Crew member or send us an email.


Do you have an idea or particular skill that you would like to bring to the Stone Quarry Crew? Why not have a chat with a crew member or send us an email.

Our Supporters

The Stone Quarry Crew would not be able to do all that we do in the community without the help and assistance of many agencies and organisations. This help has been incredibly valuable and enabled us to do so much in a very short time.

In particular we would like to thank the following

Nicky Dodds - Neighbourhood Investment Manager, Clarion Futures Communities.
Jane Haskins - Neigbourhood Investment Officer, Clarion Futures Communities.
Sue Barnes - Community Officer, Mid Sussex Partnerships and Communities Team, West Sussex County Council.
Gulu Sibander - Principal Community Officer, Mid Sussex Partnerships & Communities Team, West Sussex County Council.
Liz Bennett - East Grinstead Town Council, Mid Sussex District Council, West Sussex County Council.
St Luke's & St Swithun's Church.
and all Agencies involved in the Stone Quarry Strategic Partnership