Together is better with Coffee

and cake, and tea, and ...

Open Every Wednesday in St Luke's Community Room

10:00am to 6:30pm

Fabulous Coffee
Our Girl Wins Young Volunteer Award

We could say we travelled the world to hunt down the best coffee beans, in reality it was only quite a short trip to Horsham Coffee Roasters, they have travelled the world to find the best coffee.

Our current blend called workhorse is a very pleasing medium roast that hints of chocolate, nuts and berries a full flavoured blend that everyone enjoys.

Amazing Hot Chocolate
Our Girl Wins Young Volunteer Award

Just like our coffee, our hot chocolate had to be the best we could find and we found it in Wales. Pendragon drinks provide a range of delicious hot chocolates made from flaked Belgium chocolate!

From smooth and creamy Milk Chocolate, a deep and delicious Dark Chocolate, a decadent Salted Caramel and new in, a wonderful creamy White Chocolate

Tantalising Teas
Quarry Cafe Counter Project on Spacehive

Our range of Lichfields teas have proved popular but we are on the hunt for something more, We are currently testing Teapigs Everyday Brew and it is a lovely fresh bright cup of tea.

We will have another range in for testing shortly. Shh we can say too much yet but we believe it may be a winner. More news on this in the coming days.

Our philosophy

At the Quarry Café our philosophy is to provide the best possible quality at the lowest possible price as we believe that this will keep our visitors coming in time and time again and ensure that everyone can enjoy the café. We want our visitors to feel comfortable to come in and spend time socialising, making new friends or catching up with old ones, sharing old photo's or latest holiday snaps, swapping plants or ..., generally enjoying their time together.

If you haven't already been into the Quarry Café why not pop in and give our coffee a try You can sign up to our membership sheme at the same time.

Residents Membership Scheme

The Residents Membership Scheme or RMS is a system to ensure that residents get the best possible price at the Quarry Café. There is no fee to join, you only need to provide a few simple details and that is it. You can start using your membership immediatley and once printed you will receive your membership card

Can't afford to use the Café?

We are very aware that even with our low prices some families or individuals cannot afford to come to the café. If this is the case for you, please come and talk to us about Quarry Assist. We want everyone to be able to access the Café regardless of financial status and we keep all information you provide totally confidential and have systems in place to ensure your use of the café is free of stigma or embarassment.

To speak directly to Sarah Howland (SQC Chairman) drop in to the café or call 07850 309793 or 13 Holtye Avenue.

Coming Soon - Phase 2

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be expanding the Café to include simple hot lunches.

We have the funding approved for phase 2 of the café. Phase 2 involves kitting out the kitchen to enable the production of simple hot foods as well as increasing the facilities to enable faster hot drink production with our growing visitor numbers.

The funding also has a provision for us to set up Quarry Assist, this is a scheme to help those that are unable to access the café due to severe financial reasons.

Same great Café as the Quarry Café

Focus on our younger people

Open Every Wednesday in St Luke's Community Room

3:30pm to 6:30pm

The Quarry Café for Young People.